Predictive maintenance

What is predictive maintenance ? 

Predictive maintenance reduces the risk of incidents based on pre-defined criteria. The goal is to predict potential incidents, to add incidents prediction capabilities before they occur in operational industrial environments. 


How does Skapánê address the problem of predictive maintenance ? 

Skapánê creates predictive algorithms based on Support Vector Machines including time series management algortihms. Anomalies detection is also a possible approachs. 


What does the Skapánê’s predictive maintenance offer bring ? 

Skapánê’s technology maximize the model’s predictive power while implemented. These solutions correctly forecast 95% of actual incidents before their occurance over a period of more than 10 years of the installation lifetime.

Manufacturers have now the ability to predict and therefore avoid incidents occurring, thus saving the high costs associated with the possible complete failure of the equipment. The use of real-time monitoring tools provided by Skapánê allows integration into industrial piloting tools.