Fight against fraud

What is the fight against fraud ? 

In spite of the use of strong payment authentication solutions such as 3D Secure, E-commerce websites may suffer command losses because the user experience is not the easiest. 

On the other hand, these security techniques cover only the first of a payment by instalment, allowing fraudsters to be delivered products for a fraction of the price. 

An anti-fraud solution before reaching the payment step allows you to define the user experience you wish your custome to have. This categorization helps to minimize the fraud risk. This solution provides a fraud probability for a specific transaction. According to this probability, different channels can be used: one-click payment, strong authentication, manual chack…


How does Skapánê address this problem ? 

Skapánê solution integrated in an e-commerce website will increase sales while reducing the loss shopping carts. The fraud detection will be more efficient. 

This approach can be added to some anti-fraud tools already used in the payment step. The solution is available whether using SaaS mode or using a software embedded in the online store website. 


Which tools are used by Skapánê in the fight against fraud ? 

The machine learning technology used by Skapánê’s anti-fraud engine allows the estimation of the fraud risk regarding the user’s session, the shopping card, the transaction type (delivery method for example), and the customer profile, including his geolocation information. 

For any activity, e-commerce, finance, credit granting or any other area, the combination of a good business understanding and a sufficient level of data, we can help our customers to optimize their anti-fraud process.