Automatic shopping cart fill in

What is the automatic shopping cart creation ? 

Skapánê technology uses a neural network allowing us to obtain a word semantic model based on recipes text corpus. The algorithm is then able to find words having the same meaning, even without any common lexical stem. It is an unsupervised learning that does not require human intervention. 


What are this offer objectives ? 

The Skapánê offer allows a quasi-full automation for the processing chain. From a product catalog and a recipe set, Skapánê can provide a weighted product list for each ingredient found in the recipe. 

This solution provides 90% of automation and the remaining 10% are dedicated to controls and chacks. It also increases the website order process speed. 


How does Skapánê implements the automatic shopping cart creation solution ? 

Skapánê relies on Machine Learning algorithms, Text Mining ans semantic analysis techniques. The quality of the solution is guaranteed by the results control based on the e-merchand catalog.