Automatic messages classification

What is the purpose of this offer ?

Skapánê ‘s message classification enables you to improve the effectiveness of your customer contacts. It automatically and relevantly categorizes all messages from your customer’s channels.

Beyond the categorization, the solution also allows decision support services such as the answer recommendation and the automatic contact qualification. The solution is based on a multi-channel dataLake containing your internal information coming from your system (customer account information, retain customer information…) and/or external (socio-professional category, home area…)


How does Skapánê implement this solution ?

According to the business case, machine learning tools are used in supervised (Random Forest, NaivesBaves…) or unsupervised (Kmeans…) learning mode. These are combined with the best semantic analysis messages categorization relevance and qualification.

Thanks to these technologies, the system is able to take into account all types of text context and all language levels used by your customers. Through continuous learning, the system is also able to evolve and improve as receiving messages, and gets better to understand the natural messages.


What are the options given by the messages classification offer ?

The solution comes with statistical tools, monitoring indicators, and dynamic browsing for customers contact data to enable measurement, understanding and optimization of the customers contact management.

In addition, with this solution you may also incorporate all you paper documents which will enable you to get a full validated view of your customers contact channels. This can be done thanks to the use of tools enabling the symbol and handwriting recognition.