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Our positioning

Skapánê is meant to be a future European data leader


We aim at easing the access to cutting edge technology in the context of  product recommendation, product substitution, customer classification, fraud prevention, semantic analysis and relationship marketing. 

 Among our specificities, we master the deployment of these technologies in a real time context inside a transactional applications , while current market situation is to deliver review report or at best, batch processing.

Notre positionnement

Skapánê se positionne comme un futur champion européen de la donnée


Notre vocation est d’apporter à nos clients la haute technologie de la prédiction,  de la  recommandation – substitution produit, de la classification clients, de la lutte contre la fraude , de l’analyse sémantique et du marketing relationnel.

Une de nos différenciations réside en notre capacité à intégrer ces technologies de pointe en temps réel au sein des chaînes transactionnelles quand le marché le propose principalement sous forme de rapports d’analyse ou au mieux d’intégration batch.


Predictive maintenance

Using predictive algorithms, we help manufacturers to improve…

their failure detection process. Maintenance incidents are detected before they appear based on the predictions made using the data provided by the manufacturing process.

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Fight against fraud

Based on our business experience, we use machine learning algorithms in our online solution, allowing it to… 

assess a fraud risk. The fraud detection module, in this solution is based on multiple parameters, among them: user session, command content, transaction type (delivery mode for example), geolocalisation …

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Automatic shopping cart fill in

This solution offers a full automation of the online command process. We create a command in the line with… 

a cooking recipe description. The suggested products are taken from the vendor product sales list. Skapánê combines multiple approaches like word embeddings and semantic analysis.

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Automatic messages classification

With that solution, the efficiency of your customer communicatin process will be… 

improved. For example, emails can be automatically forwarded th the division it may concern. According to your internal knowledge, you can not only have some emails suggested as an answer but also have profiling of your customer.

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We manage machine learning projects on our customers behalf: implementation of sophisticated algorithms with …

the power of processing huge volumes of available data. We can process unstructured data which usually stays unused: internal data, external data, open data, … 
Moreover, we advise our customers tu use new data sources to reinforce their existing data: open data, specific data or possible mega base on the market. 
Our business skills, particularly in the world of payment, secured transactions, online processing, allow us to be significantly relevant in implementing in real-time these technologies.


Customer’s applications can be hosted on our cloud secured platform. This platform respects all the required standards and is fully scalable in order to…

cope with the volume and response time expectations. We mainly rely on Spark and Hadoop technologies on this platform. 
The platform is located in a fully secured datacenter, PCI DSS certified for the payment standard and HDS for health requirments, located in the North of France.
We ensure that legal requirements are fully respected.


We train data scientists on how to process big data with Hadoop & Spark. The offered trainings include …

a lot of pratical exercises.
Trainees manipulate their data and we create a real data science business case allowing them to understand the main steps to follow during a big data science project.
The pratical exercises are performed either on the customer’s Big Data architecture or on a physical HDFS and Spark development cluster remotely accessible, provided by Skapánê.
After the training sessions, we keep on advising our clients on their projects. 
In addition, Skapánê trains management committees members and managers to assist them in the digital transformation and more specifically in data management.



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